Dawg Dash 2017

Dawg Dash 2017

This was my first race after being sick all summer. Didn’t expect to do very well, but at least I got out there.


Dawg Dash course map

This course was really weird. I have no idea why they mapped it out this way. Also, the 5k course merged at the end with the 10k, which was a horrible idea because walkers and strollers and dogs all crowded the end of the course.

I finished with a sad 1:15:18 for a 12:07 pace.

Compared to the other runners, this put me at

  • Overall: 1,036 of 1,133 (top 91.4%)
  • Gender: 540 of 608 (88.8%)
  • Age/gender group: 165 of 185 (89.2%)

Pretty bad overall.

Dawg Dash finish on Red Square

In short

Bad race for me and a bad course. Would not run again.