Mercer Island Rotary Half Marathon 2017

Mercer Island Rotary Half Marathon 2017

The Mercer Island half was my first race after moving to Seattle. The race course was really pretty. Even though it was pretty windy and hilly, I still managed to PR. Must have been residual fitness from the marathon.


Mercer Island half course map

I was shooting for a hopeful 2:15 finish but fell just short for 2:15:08. Almost.

Compared to the other runners, this put me at

  • Overall: 1,006 of 1,370 (top 73.4%)
  • Gender: 399 of 627 (63.6%)
  • Age/gender group: 69 of 100 (69.0%)

These runners must have been really good because I sucked compared to most everyone else. Still a PR.

Flashing my medal on Mercer Island

In short

Great day for a PR! Would do over again in nice weather.