Santa Hustle 2018

This race was great. I had never done a fun run before. It was my first 5k and my first race since moving to Indy. I bought the Mrs. Claus package and got socks, arm warmers, and a tutu.


Santa Hustle course map

I did pretty poorly because I got sick again. I was hoping my first 5k would be a good race for me but maybe next time.

My time was a sad 37:01 for a 11:54 pace. At least I got under 12’.

Compared to the other runners, this put me at

  • Overall: 505 of 1270 (top 39.8%)
  • Gender: 311 of 903 (34.4%)
  • Age/gender group: 40 of 93 (43.0%)

I think a lot of people must have walked because I didn’t do that bad compared to other people.

In short

Lots of fun! Will probably do next year (and hopefully better).